Broccolini - bunch


Broccolini is a natural hybrid of European broccoli and Chinese gai lan. In Italian, the word ‘broccolini’ means baby broccoli, hence it’s other common name. Although it is partially comprised of broccoli, unlike broccoli, broccolini has very small florets and a tender stem (no need to peel!) with large, edible leaves. It has a subtle sweet/peppery flavor.

High in vitamin C, broccolini also contains vitamin A and E, calcium, folate, iron, and potassium, all with just 35 calories a serving.

Because of the myriad of names broccoli has gone by, it can still be found under many of the following: asparation, asparations, sweet baby broccoli, bimi, broccoletti, broccolette, sprouting broccoli, and tenderstem.