Our Vision

Ensuring Food Security & Prosperity In Our Local Community

PermaCare is here to change the world. And we absolutely will! We are bringing to life a powerful community committed to revolutionising our relationship with Mother Earth – how we care for Her and care for one another.

Over the last few hundred years our colonial life has slowly disconnected us from our innate relationship with Mother Nature. Food has shifted from a ‘gift from the earth’ – an integral part of our everyday lives – to a financial commodity grown in mono-crops, sprayed with poisons, shipped hundreds of kilometres, stored for months in refrigeration to finally be sold at the highest price by corporate supermarkets that care only for profit.

At PermaCare we are committed to empowering our members with the tools and resources to consciously fall in love with Mother Earth once more. To live the abundance and prosperity She naturally brings. (Remember, water falls from the sky and food literally grows on trees. We are abundant and free!)

We do this through providing our members with the freshest organic produce, by building and maintaining PermaCare gardens in our members backyards, as well as delivering powerful online education and real-world workshops and retreats.

Imagine being part of an integrated network of local families whose backyards are full of fruit and veggies planted and maintained by our own PermaCare professional growers. Now imagine this same home-grown produce distributed within our own member network providing low cost, organic produce to our families and providing an income for you, our land holders.

This is PermaCare Freedom!

When we lose touch with nature we lose touch with ourselves!

While we focus on bringing you affordable, delicious organic produce our main aim in PermaCare is to help guide you – our members – back into a deep, loving connection with Mother Nature – to the peace and prosperity She offers us each and every day.

It has been shown that by simply reconnecting with Mother Nature our stress and anxiety levels drop, our positive emotional states enhance, we are more kind and considerate to one another, all while naturally boosting our powerful immune system. We must return to Mother Earth. Now more than ever.

As a member of PermaCare you will eat the freshest, highest quality produce available. At the same time you will find our online and real-world curriculum guiding you back to your natural connection with Mother Earth both inspiring and effortlessly easy to practice and follow.

As a member you will learn:

  • How to ‘Ground’ your energy and reconnect
  • How to find peace and joy in our natural world
  • How to easily grow simple veggies and herbs at home
  • Mindset shifts to be in harmony with the world, instead of stress and fear
  • Whole-food recipes to inspire you from our expert chefs
  • How to fast and detox for optimal health
  • And so, so much more…

Along with PermaCare Education we are moving through 3 Phases as we realise this humble vision

The 3 Phases

The 3 Phases of PermaCare

Phase 1

PermaCare Share
Through our network of growers we are able to guarantee a weekly, fresh supply of the highest quality seasonal fresh produce delivered to you and your family.

  • Organic fruit and veggies delivered weekly to your door.
  • Skip the bright lights and queues of the major supermarkets. We come to you!
  • Save money by buying direct.
  • Know that your food is cared for and supports your local community.
  • With 3 box sizes we will supply you and your family with the perfect amount of fresh food you need each and every week. Plus lots of add-ons so you can customise your weekly shopping direct with us.
PLUS PermaCare Education: be empowered with weekly online learning modules to guide you and your family back into harmony with Mother Nature.

BONUS Front of the queue to have the PermaCare Grow team design, build and maintain your PermaCare gardens as we launch Phase Two.

Phase 2

PermaCare Grow
Our expert team of PermaCare Specialists will design and build a “Food Security and Prosperity” garden in your backyard, ensuring you and your family a closer connection with Mother Nature.

Whether you rent or own, we can create a food forest in your backyard. Once built, you will have the option of utilizing our PermaCare Maintenance Team who will take the heavy lifting out of your food prosperity.

Our PermaCare Grow team will:
  • Work with you to design the perfect garden oasis for your home.
  • Either build the garden and plant your first crops for you or you can build and plant yourself. It’s totally up to you. Many of our PermaCare designs can be easily implemented by the home gardener with ease.
  • Maintain your food freedom: our team of PermaCare Specialists will take care of the hard work our of digging, mulching and planting so you enjoy your Garden of Eden without all the hard labour.

Phase 3

PermaCare Freedom
Our ultimate goal is to distribute the produce from our PermaCare Growers through our PermaCare Share member network – creating for our communities fully integrated localised food security and prosperity.

In this final phase we take back our power from the major corporations who currently control our food supply as we bring food back into our homes, back into our neighbourhoods and back into our lives.

All members of PermaCare Freedom will be paid market price for the fresh produce grown on their land and distributed within our member network.
  • Turn your patch of grass into a cash producing asset as well as food for your family.
  • Localised food security to weather any storm.
  • Low cost organic produce – We don’t pay for land costs as it’s grown in our members’ backyards!
Welcome to the future of localised integrated food prosperity and freedom for all.

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